TherAdapt School Chair With Flat Seat
TherAdapt School Chair With Flat Seat

TherAdapt School Chair With Flat Seat


TherAdapt School Chair With Flat Seat provides sufficient support and a simple seating solution for physically challenged children with mild to moderate involvement. The modular design of the chair allows it to be customized to the individual needs of the user without the look of a therapeutic chair.

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  • Models
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Butterfly Kit
  • Adjustable Footplate
  • Mobile Base Kit
  • Pommel
  • Support Back With Lateral Supports
  • Wood Tray
  • High Side Pads
  • Total: $700
    Total: $542.02
Total: $700
Total: $542.02


  • TherAdapt School Chair With Flat Seat comes standard with a 1" pelvic positioning belt
  • Height, depth and angle adjustable slip-resistant
  • Comes with padded seat
  • Can be adjusted to a flat seat position
  • 7° anteriorly angled position to promote therapeutic positioning
  • Aid in independent transfers
  • Wide and X-Wide school chairs are reinforced with a steel support bracket under the seat

More Information

  • Warning:
    - This product must only be used under the recommendation of a physician and or licensed therapist and with adult supervision. Never leave user unattended. It is your responsibility to properly use and maintain your school chair. Failure to follow use and care instructions or assemble the chair properly as outlined may result in bodily injury.
  • Use:
    The school chair is designed for a single purpose: as a freestanding chair. It is to be used on the floor only. No other use is permitted, including, but not limited to a seat used for transportation in an automobile, stroller, or any other mobility device. Extreme caution must be used when using the school chair in conjunction with a TherAdapt mobile base.
  • Care:
    - Take care to inspect the ongoing condition of all parts of your school chair. Verify that all knobs, bolts, and washers are properly positioned and secure. Contact the manufacturer for replacement or repair of necessary items. All components may be cleaned with mild soap and water, or a gentle sanitizing spray. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Wipe wood components dry after cleaning. Excess amounts of liquid on the wood may damage the finish. Always store indoors.


Seat Depth (B1)9" to 12-/1/2"9" to 12-1/2"9" to 12-1/2"11-1/2" to 15"11-1/2" to 15"11-1/2" to 15"13-1/2" to 16/12"13-1/2" to 16/12"13-1/2" to 16/12"
Seat Width (G)*6-1/2" to 11-1/2"8-1/2" to 12-1/2"12" to 17"8-1/2" to 13-1/2"12" to 17"15" to 20"12" to 17 "15" to 20"18" to 23"
Seat Height (A) to Floor10" to 14-1/2"10" to 14-1/2"10" to 14-1/2"13" to 17-1/2"13" to 17-1/2"13" to 17-1/2"14" to 18-1/2"14" to 18-1/2"14" to 18-1/2"
Seat Height (A) to FPA-H3" to 12-1/2"3" to 12-1/2"4-1/2" to 14"6" to 15"6" to 15"7-1/2" to 16-1/2"7" to 16-1/2"7" to 16-1/2"7" to 16-1/2"
Seat Height (A) to FPA-L or MBK6" to 12-1/2"6" to 12-1/2"7-1/2" to 14"9" to 15"9" to 15"10-1/2" to 16-1/2"10" to 16-1/2"10" to 16-1/2"10" to 16-1/2"
Back Height (D)12-1/2"12-1/2"12-1/2"14"14"14"16"16"16"
Overall Width17"20"23"20"23"26"23"26"29"
Armrest Height to Seat (C1)3-1/2" to 7-1/2"3-1/2" to 7-1/2"3-1/2" to 7-1/2"3-1/2" to 11"3-1/2" to 11"3-1/2" to 11"4-1/2" to 10/1/2"4-1/2" to 10/1/2"4-1/2" to 10/1/2"
Armrest Height to Floor (C2)13" to 22"13" to 22"13" to 22"16-1/2" to 28-1/2"16-1/2" to 28-1/2"16-1/2" to 28-1/2"18-1/2" to 29"18-1/2" to 29"18-1/2" to 29"
Measurements in Inches:
- A- Lower leg length (measured from the back of the knee to the floor)
- B1- Upper leg length (measured from the back of the knee to the back of the seat as the child leans forward slightly)
- C1- Elbow height (measured from the bent elbow to the seat)
- C2- Elbow height (measured from the bent elbow to the floor)
- D- Shoulder height (measured from the shoulder to the seat)
- G- Hip width (measured at the widest location)

* Narrowed seat width achieved by using Side Pads.

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