Sing Along CD Player With Microphone
Sing Along CD Player With Microphone

Sing Along CD Player With Microphone

Brand/Manufacturer: ENABLING DEVICES

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Sing Along CD Player With Microphone is a fully functional CD player which has been adapted to start and pause with each switch activation when using your capability switch. It will inspire children in a whole new way to sing along with their favorite tunes. It is designed to be child-friendly and easy to operate.


  • Sing Along CD Player With Microphone requires capability switch and 6 C batteries (not included)
  • A 2 digit LED track display

More Information

  • Operation:
    The battery compartment is located on the back of the unit
    - Carefully turn the unit over, and then remove the Philips head screw from the battery cover
    - Install new batteries, being careful to observe proper battery polarity.
    - Alkaline batteries must be used only (e.g. Duracell or Energizer brand)
    - Do not use rechargeable batteries or any other type of batteries because they supply lower voltage and the unit will not perform properly
    - Never mix old, new or different types of batteries together
    - Replace the battery compartment covers and screws
  • To operate the CD player:
    Open the CD compartment by pulling the “TAB" located on the top portion of the round cover
    - Insert your CD, label side up, over the center hub of the disc and gently press the center of the CD until it snaps down
    - Gently close the compartment door
    - There is one adapted switch input cord jack located on the side of the unit
    - Insert a capability switch into the input, (Cord jack accepts only 1/8"plug)
    - Turn the unit ON and adjust to the desired volume level, via the Power/Music Volume knob
    - When the Capability Switch you have chosen is activated the CD player will turn ON
    - It will then display the number of tracks that your CD has on it, then the CD will start to play the first track
    - Press the switch again to pause the track
    - Please refer the manufactures instructions for information on the Sing Along CD Player Additional functions and features
  • Care of the Unit:
    The Sing Along CD Player can be wiped clean with any mild household
    multi-purpose, non-abrasive cleaner and disinfectant
    - Recommend Simple Green, which is a non toxic biodegradable all-purpose cleaner
    - Do not use abrasive cleaners, as they will scratch the surface of the unit
    - Do not submerge the unit, as it will damage the electrical components

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