Klip Lightweight 2-Wheeled Posterior Walker
Klip Lightweight 2-Wheeled Posterior Walker

Klip Lightweight 2-Wheeled Posterior Walker

Brand/Manufacturer: CIRCLE SPECIALTY

Klip Lightweight 2-Wheeled Posterior Walker has two rear crutch tips that provide extra resistance and moves slower than a 4 wheeled walker. The Klip is a lightweight posterior gait trainer for kids, teens and young adults with special needs who require assistance and support for day-to-day walking.

5 Reasons to Buy Klip Lightweight Kids Walker

  1. Folds for easy storage and transport
  2. Economical mobility aid
  3. Anti-rollback breaks
  4. Folding aluminum frame
  5. Anti-slip back tips

Item #DescPkgPrice 
KP210 X-Small, Red Each $189.99 $119.00
KP220R Small, Red Each $199.99 $129.00
KP230 Medium, Blue Each $234.89 $139.00

Why Buy Klip Pediatric Walker?

  • rLatex-free handgrips with flanged ends help to reduce strain on user’s hands
  • Two rear crutch tips provide extra resistance
  • Designed to make walking less energy consuming
  • Easier to move than a standard walker
  • Height adjustable to ensure proper fit and accommodate future growth
  • Provides a normal walking pattern
  • 360-degree swivel casters for versatile and flexible mobility
  • The one-directional locking mechanism on rear casters for added stability where needed
  • Foldable frame for easier storage and transport
  • Skid-resistant, non-marring 5-inch wheels are ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Red or Blue frame color depending on size
  • Available in three sizes for toddlers, kids, and young adults
  • Features anti-slip back tips for child safety

Benefits of Pediatric Mobility Walker

  • Moves slower than a 4 wheeled walker
  • Perfect for kids, teens and young adults who require support in their day-to-day walking
  • Improve alignment and maximize potential for walking
  • Recommended for users with cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions
  • A lightweight posterior gait trainer for kids, teens and young adults with special need
  • Beneficial for users with significant balance impairments
  • Allows freedom of movement and promotes walking in an upright position
  • Provides healthier posture and mobility
  • Rolling walkers are easier to control for a child as they can not manage a walker that moves forward as they shift their weight forward

What to Buy with Pediatric Rear Walker?

Klip Accessories Available (separately) for Improve Support and Mobility

  • Klip Forearm Platforms

    Fully adjustable forearm platforms are height and depth adjustable and the handgrips extend forward or back, supinate, pronate, rotate and are wrist-angle adjustable.

  • Klip Pelvic Stabilizers

    Width and height adjustable with a support belt.

  • Klip Soft Seat Harness

    Adjustable cushioned seat provides partial weight bearing and properly positions user’s pelvis.

How to Use Klip Posterior Pediatric Walker?

  • Anterior/posterior Setup:
    Front and rear legs can be interchanged to switch from posterior to anterior use for all walkers except KP210R

  • Assembly:
    Match numbered markings on leg with frame, press in the pushpins and slide into the leg frame.

  • Unfold Walker:
    Grasp front and rear legs and pull away from each other. Continue to unfold the frame until the latch push pins snap into place and fully protrude from the hole.

  • Height Adjustment:
    To determine the correct height for the walker, the length measure from crease of wrist-to-floor should be the handle height. To adjust the height, press the pushpin on each leg and slide the leg to the proper position. Always check that all 4 legs are the same height and that the push pins fully protrude from the holes.

  • Lock/Unlock Swivel Wheels:
    Press down on the green lever to lock wheel and lift to unlock. Make sure that wheel clicks into place when locking the wheel.

  • Fold Walker:
    Face walker from the open end, raise front wheels so that walker is resting on rear legs, press in latch push pins and push front legs towards rear legs.

  • Klip Posterior Pediatric Walker User Manual
  • Klip Pediatric Posterior Walker Catalog

Maintenance Instructions for Pediatric Walker?

  • Inspect walker by checking all screws, nuts and bolts regularly.
  • Keep walker clean to ensure longevity and comfort while using it.
  • Mix warm water with a mild detergent and gently scrub your walker. Wipe clean with a dry soft cloth.

Klip 2-Wheeler Posterior Pediatric Walker Dimensions

Base Width17"
Approximate User Height2ft 8"to 3ft 6"
Height Adjustment15.5" to 20.5"
Inside Walker Width13"
Base Depth15.5"
Product Weight5lbs
Weight Capacity80lbs

Klip Posterior Walker Warranty

3 Year Limited Warranty

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