KidKusion KidSafe Banister Guard
KidKusion KidSafe Banister Guard

KidKusion KidSafe Banister Guard

Brand/Manufacturer: KIDKUSION, INC.

Kidkusions Kid Safe Banister Guard encloses indoor banisters and railings. This clear plastic banister guard easily attached with enclosed tie straps and helps to prevent falls and keeps the toys upstairs.

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4600 Banister Guard Each $69.99 $42.14


  • KidKusion KidSafe Banister Guard is appropriate for infants and toddlers
  • Combine product for longer lengths
  • For indoor use only
  • Includes:
    - 3ft x 15ft plastic film roll
    - Cable ties
    - Hole punch

More Information

Installation Instruction: The KIDSAFE BANISTER GUARD is a roll of clear, durable plastic film that you cut to fit your banister. The KIDSAFE BANISTER GUARD is then fastened to the banister with cable ties. Plastic, cable ties, and hole punch are provided. You will need a tape measure, straight edge, marker, and scissors. 

  • STEP 1: Measure the length and the height of the section of banister to be covered. Add at least 2 inches for overlapping at both ends. If one end lacks a post, add 6 inches so that guard may be curled into wall. (See diagram on reverse side of instructions).
  • STEP 2: Unroll plastic onto floor. Using a marker and straight edge, draw a line as a cutting guide for length needed and using scissors cut plastic. If height requirement is less than 33 inches, mark the measurement on the plastic in several places and draw a line using a straight edge and marker. Cut plastic along line.
  • STEP 3: Hold plastic in place with ends overlapping endpost (overlap by 2 inches) and/or wall (overlap by 6 inches). Make a mark on the plastic on either side of one of the banister posts no less than ½ inch from the top edge (See reverse side of instructions). Use hole punch to punch hole at your marks. Press hard, you may need to use both hands. If you should need to punch holes more than 1 inch from the edge of plastic, you may use a sharp object such as an ice pick. Be careful and always punch holes from the side of plastic that will be exposed to the child. For best results, you can use a drill with 1/8 inch bit. Use one cable tie and insert through the holes from the backside of the plastic and into the locking ends of cable tie, so that locking end is on the back side of plastic. Tighten the tie, cut off excess.
  • STEP 4: Hold plastic in place so that it is level and resting flat against the banister. Mark two holes no less than ½ inch from bottom edge on either side of the same post. Punch the holes. Place a tie through the holes with the locking end on the inside. Tighten the tie and cut off excess squarely. Repeat this process along the banister at every other post (see diagram on reverse side of instructions).
  • STEP 5: KIDSAFE BANISTER GUARD may be fastened to endpost with cable ties. For more secure attachment to endpost, drill a 3/16 inch hole through the plastic and into the endpost, then secure plastic with screws and washer provided. Space screws or ties no more than 10 inches apart.
  • If end of railing does not have a post, curl the plastic against the wall and drill 3/16 inch holes through the plastic and into the wall at 6”-10” intervals (See diagram on reverse side of instructions). Place a plastic anchor into each hole in the wall, then attach plastic with screws and washers.
  • Important: With guard installed, recheck all ties to be sure they are tight. Use scissors to round off all corners of the guard to remove sharp edges.

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