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Hello! I am Taikhum Sadiq. I am a 22 year old archaeology student and an avid traveler. I write to live and live to eat. I am currently too young to state any of my achievements but am an avid reader as well as a budding poet. I love tasting different cuisines from around India and am a huge Real Madrid fan (football for the uninitiated). I love listening to music and Queen is one of my favorite bands. I love calligraphy and sketching and usually use my free time to write, read, or sketch. That all I have achieved up till now, and let see what the future holds. Thank you!

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Enhancing Your Child's Fine Motor Skills

Posted on Jul 12, 2016 by Taikhum Sadiq

Motor skills are the ability of an individual to successfully complete a physical task that requires the coordination of the muscles of the body. Motor skills are broadly divided into fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Running, jumping, walking, crawling, etc. are the gross motor skills whereas writing, eating, drawing, etc. are the fine motor skills.

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