Why Buy Sheepskin? The Benefits of Sheepskin for Babies

Who doesn’t like the soft, fuzzy warmness of sheepskin against their skin? This goes double for newborns and babies, especially those with autism. What a lot of people may not know is there are health benefits of surrounding your baby with sheepskin. Simply using a sheepskin baby mat or a lambs wool rug for babies can have benefits. So, why should you buy sheepskin?

Baby Irish Sheepskin Polar Bear Rug


Reap the Benefits of Sheepskin

It is soft, cuddly, fuzzy, and actually has healthy benefits for users (especially babies and autistic children). A baby sheepskin rug is not just a soft place for baby to lie. For instance, did you know that sleeping on animal fur for the first three months of life can reduce the risk of asthma? The European Respiratory Society International Congress points to the microbial environment of animal skin as beneficial to avoiding allergies and asthma. Autistic children can benefit from better sleep due to sheepskin. Other benefits of sheepskin/lambskin include:

  • Regulates Body Temperature
  • Can Benefit Autistic Children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
  • Healthy Skin (Lanolin)
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Neutral Electrical Charge (no static zap)
  • Helps Soothe Inflamed Skin/Rashes
  • Support Pressure Points
  • Reduce Friction and Shearing
  • Help Promote Healthy Sleep Habits

Sheepskin Options

Okay, sheepskin has a number of health benefits that can make our lives better. What options do we have so that we can reap the benefits of sheepskin? There are a number of products that can be used on a daily basis to help improve our lives. They can include:

  1. Sheepskin/Lambskin Rug: Available in a variety of sizes and even shapes, this soft and cuddly baby sheepskin rug can help anyone feel more comfortable and warm. They are even available in more than one color including natural, pink, and green. For those with autism, it can provide sensory stimulation and/or a sense of comfort for those with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).
  2. Lambskin Liner for Car Seats: Made from 100% lambskin, this liner can easily fit your child’s car seat and easily regulate their body temperature to find that Goldilocks zone. Not too hot, not too cold, just right!! You can also make the car seat more comfortable with this sheepskin liner due to additional padding.
  3. Lambskin Footmuff: This natural product is water resistant and windproof while keeping your child’s feet toasty warm. You can attach this lambskin footmuff through the harness of your stroller or push chair and your child is comfortable no matter the environment.
  4. Medical Sheepskin Underlay: Protecting against bacteria, this premium sheepskin underlay is perfect for anyone and all ages. Whether it is someone dependent on a wheelchair or anyone who is sitting for long periods of time, this underlay can regulate body temperature, provide a soft and comfortable spot, or can even promote a good night’s sleep. It can double as a sheepskin baby blanket!!


 Baby Irish Lambskin Liner For Car Seats or Buggies Baby Irish Sheepskin Rug Baby Irish Lambskin Footmuff

Who doesn’t love soft and cuddly? Sheepskin/lambskin checks both of those boxes, while also providing a number of healthy, medical benefits. It can aid everyone from sufferers of poor circulation to children with autism. Get wrapped up in sheepskin and enjoy!!

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