Autism Friendly Room Decorations

When we talk about an autism-friendly room, we are actually thinking about the complete environment and stimulus input autism-friendly rooms can provide. Such room contains all the facilities and amenities that would be helpful to calm and relax an autistic child. Before designing the room, there are certain factors that need to be kept in mind. These factors are highly dependent on the severity of the person diagnosed, ongoing prescription and therapy.

Color that soothes Children with Autism

Keep in mind that color affects mood and the way we process information. Colors like red, white, yellow and orange can disturb and over stimulate whereas colors like black, blue, brown, green and purple can comfort and relax.

Lighting for better Room Decor

Autism Friendly Room Decorations

It is always recommended to filter light. The lighting can be from natural or artificial source. Fiber optic curtain can be great to start with. It can change color to produce the calming and elevating effect. Use sheer and heavy curtain to control the amount of natural light entering from large sized windows. On the floor, you can go with black light carpet that emits bright neon colors for soothing effect. Dimmer switches also produce a gentle calming effect that keeps special need children calm.

Autism Friendly Room DecorationsAutism Friendly Electronics

Watch out for any electronic item that produces a loud noise like video games. They are highly stimulating, addictive and can cause disturbing effects. Use of star projector night lamp or fiber optic star cloth is highly recommended. The projected image induces relaxation and eventual sleep.

Autism Friendly Room DecorationsFurniture for Autism Friendly Room Decoration

Use wood as much as possible. Avoid surfaces with high gloss and colors like orange, yellow and red. There are chair for special need children available that can be set in the room easily without eating up much space. The chair with a tray can segregate the area for study and play. It will give the sense of learning to children while approaching the place. If a child is active, avoid glass mirrors.

Consider Safety in Room Decoration

Avoid and remove any furniture with sharp corners, cover electrical outlets and use grills to guard windows (children with autism have the tendency of climbing to higher surfaces and get the thing they want). To satisfy this unique need it is best to put a climbing wall for children and let them have fun under adult’s supervision. Prefer curtains and blinds without a cord.

Autism Friendly In-Room Activities

If you live in an area where taking child outside isn’t easy or your busy schedule make it hard for you, equip the room with in-room swing without using much space and keep sensory toys in the corner. Let the child wear a weighted vest to reduce anxiousness and calm them down.

There are many other items available at that can help you build a functional room for a special need child.


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