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People with Autism live in the moment, rarely lie, rarely judge people, are rarely materialistic and are usually passionate. Being on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder can mean that an individual has lots of unique strengths but it also means that they suffer from lots of challenges even single day. While we do not have a clear understanding on what is going on inside the brains of these precious lives, research has showed that early intensive behavioral therapy significantly eases autism symptoms. AutismEnabled.com carries fun and exciting multi-sensory products for special needs children. Seating, positioning and mobility aids help special needs children achieve small victories on their own. They can also make the life of the caregiver much easier so all the more reason to explore these special need aids. At AutismEnabled.com you can shop for affordable assistive technology products, teaching aids, calming & weighted supplies, games, toys, vestibular swings, rolls, wedges, gait trainers and strollers. Every child is unique and our extensive catalog of products has something special to offer to each special child.

Raising an autistic child is extremely difficult for any parent. More and more research today is pointing towards products and therapies that improve communication and help children develop cognitive, social and independent-living skills. We, at AutismEnabled.com, are striving hard to bring you products that will help ease symptoms and help you and your child discover the small pleasures of life.

Autism Enabled is based out of Danbury, Connecticut. Our products have been hand-picked by experts and we stand by their quality. Our customer service care team has been trained in the products and their applications. Answers to all related queries and assistance are always available.

For all questions or help with placing an order, call toll-free 844-490-2625 or email Customer Service.

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