About Us

“If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.”

This one line from an autism scholar says it all. It explains the uniqueness that is called autism. It describes the singular individual an autistic child is.  

An autistic child does not fall into your “average child” category. He is asking you to search him out, explore him and discover him from within.

When we started out with Autism Enabled, we were done with the searching, exploring and discovering. We had figured him out. We are now ready to foster these little ones with loving care.

However, autism is not only about the autistic individual. It is also about the world around him. The parents, siblings, teachers and friends.

Raising an autistic child can be extremely challenging for the parents. What’s going on inside his mind? What is he thinking? What does he wants to say but cannot express? Parents of autistic children are always struggling to find an answer to all these questions.

Finding an answer cannot be achieved independently. Because one has to listen louder and the understanding has to be deeper. For this, an expert’s help is essential. This expertise can only come in the form of therapies and products developed by experts to improve communication and develop the cognitive, social as well as independent living skills of autistic children.

We believe improvement in communication is achievable with the help of assistive communicator devices. The dazzle of sensory lights and the sound and rhythm of therapeutic instruments can go a long way in developing the little ones’ sensory skills and improve visual stimulation.

We also think parents should help them find their inner strength through external strength. Understand their ability rather than disability. And a possible way to do this is through development of their motor skills by specially-developed activities. Sensory toys, vestibular swings and calming devices can help bring down stress significantly.

Experts have even come up with seating, positioning and mobility aids because such devices can help these children achieve small victories on their own. They can also make the life of the caregiver much easier so all the more reason to explore these aids.

You will never find out how these products can help overcome disabilities or challenges that come with Autism until you have exposed your child to it. So, let us help you find the devices, products and aids that can change the way your autistic family member lives their life. Let us help you overcome the challenges of autism to live life to the fullest.

Autism Enabled works out of Danbury, Connecticut. Our products have been hand-picked by experts and we stand by their quality. Our customer service care team has been trained in the products and their applications. Answers to all related queries and assistance are always available.

For all questions or help with placing an order, call toll-free 844-490-2625 or write to Customer Service.

You can pay by credit card or check. Write your check out to “HPFY Stores” and send with order details to:

HPFY Stores

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